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Sandbox tenant environment

Identity Cloud add-on capability

Contact your ForgeRock representative if you are interested in adding a sandbox environment to your Identity Cloud subscription. Refer to Add-on capabilities.

A sandbox tenant environment is a standalone environment separate from your group of development, staging, and production tenant environments. It behaves similarly to your development environment but allows you more freedom to test various use cases. You can run experiments without worrying about accidentally promoting your changes to your staging or production environments.

For example, perhaps you want to create some user journeys and test them before deciding which one you’d like to use in your development environment. You can safely do this in a sandbox environment because nothing in that environment is part of the promotion process. This means you don’t need to worry about cleaning up unused user journeys. You can extract any configuration from your sandbox environment using the REST APIs, then post it to your development environment.

environments with sandbox

Sandbox usage guidelines

There are some important guidelines to note when using a sandbox environment. In particular, the environment should not be used for load testing, and it should not contain personally identifiable information (PII):

Feature Description

Production use


Static & dynamic configuration

Mutable via the UI and REST APIs

Configuration promotion


Max number of identities


Log retention

1 day

Monitored via



N/A (support provided at lowest priority level, see below)

Personally identifiable information (PII)


Load testing


Level of support

Business hours Monday–Friday (excluding public holidays in Australia, Singapore, France, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada)

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