Advanced Identity Cloud

Device Profile Collector node

Gathers metadata about the device used to authenticate.

The node sends a DeviceProfileCallback callback. For more information, refer to Interactive callbacks.

When used with the ForgeRock SDKs, the node can collect the following:

Device Metadata

Information such as the platform, versions, device name, hardware information, and the brand of the device being used.

The captured data is in JSON format, and stored in the authentication shared state in a variable named forgeRock.device.profile.

Device Location

Provides the last known latitude and longitude of the device’s location.

The captured data is in JSON format, and stored in the authentication shared state in a variable named forgeRock.device.location.

The collection of geographical information requires end-user approval. A browser function drives this process. A pop-up displays, prompting for access to share the geographical location. The browser connection must be secure.

It is up to you what information you collect from users and devices.

Always use data responsibly and provide your users with appropriate control over data they share with you.

You are responsible for complying with any regulations or data protection laws.

In addition to the collected metadata, an identifier string in the JSON uniquely identifies the device.

Use this node with the Device Profile Save node to create a trusted profile from the collected data. You can use the trusted device profile in subsequent authentication attempts; for example, with the Device Match node and Device Location Match node.


Product Compatible?

Advanced Identity Cloud


Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



Single outcome path.


Property Usage

Maximum Profile Size (KB)

Specifies the maximum accepted size, in kilobytes, of a device profile.

If the collected profile data exceeds this size, authentication fails.

Default: 3

Collect Device Metadata

Specifies whether device metadata is requested.

Collect Device Location

Specifies whether device location is requested.


Specifies an optional message to display to the user while the node collects the requested data.

You can provide the message in multiple languages by specifying the locale in the KEY field; for example, en-US.

The locale selected for display is based on the user’s locale settings in their browser.

Messages provided in the node override the defaults provided by AM.

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