Advanced Identity Cloud

Device Tampering Verification node

Specifies a threshold for deciding if the device has been tampered with; for example, if it has been rooted or jailbroken.

The device scores between zero and one, based on the likelihood that is has been tampered with or may pose a security risk. For example, an emulator scores the maximum of 1.

Use this node with the Device Profile Collector node to retrieve the tampering score from the device.


Product Compatible?

Advanced Identity Cloud


Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



  • Not Tampered

  • Tampered

Evaluation continues along the Not Tampered path if the device scores less than or equal to the configured threshold; otherwise, evaluation continues along the Tampered path.


Property Usage

Score Threshold

Specifies the score threshold for determining if a device has been tampered with. Enter a decimal fraction, between 0 and 1; for example, 0.75.

The higher the score returned from the device, the more likely the device is jailbroken, rooted, or is a potential security risk.

Emulators score the maximum; 1.

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