Identity Cloud

Time Since Decision node

Checks if a specified amount of time has passed since the user was registered.

For example, to prompt users to review your terms and conditions after the account is a week old, set the Elapsed Time property to 1 week. After that time has elapsed, the next time the user logs in, they are prompted to review your terms and conditions.

Use this node for progressive profile completion.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



  • True

  • False


Property Usage

Elapsed Time

The amount of time since the user was created, in minutes, that needs to elapse before this node is triggered.

This property also supports specifying basic time units. For example, when setting the property to 10080 minutes, writing 7 days or 1 week also works.

Identity Attribute

The attribute used to identify the managed object in the underlying identity service.

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