Advanced Identity Cloud

Fingerprint Response node

The Fingerprint Response node is used in the zero-trust model to fetch the fingerprint and server-side confidence score.


Product Compatible?

PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



Attribute name Description Source


Mandatory variable to identify the authentication request.

Value is stored in the shared state by the Fingerprint Profiler node.


This node uses an external API from the Fingerprint site to deliver the fingerprint.


The configurable properties for this node are:

Property Usage

Secret API Key

Secret API key configured on the Fingerprint site.

Events API URL

Path to an events API. The default is Other options include:



Shared State VisitorID

Name of the shared state variable to store the fingerprint. This should be the same as in the Fingerprint Profile node.

Get full response payload

Disabled by default. Enable if you want to store the full fingerprint API response in shared state.

Shared State Response

Name of the variable to store the fingerprint API response. Used only when Get full response payload is enabled.


This node adds the following in the shared store:

Attribute Description


Unique signature of the browser (fingerprint). The name of this variable is configured using the Shared State VisitorID property.


Confidence level for the verified fingerprint.

payload (optional)

This optional attribute contains the full API response from the Fingerprint site. The name of this variable is configured using the Share State Response configuration property.

If an error occurs, error messages with the keys [Marketplace]Exception and [Marketplace]StackTrace are output to the shared state.



The response node completed successfully.


There was a problem with the node. Check all the settings and the error messages in shared state.


Review the log messages and address the issue appropriately.

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