PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Manage ESVs using the API

For background on ESVs in PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud, refer to ESVs.

ESV API endpoints

To use the API, refer to the following Advanced Identity Cloud API endpoints:

To authenticate to the API, refer to Authenticate to ESV API endpoints.

If you plan to delete an ESV using the variables or secrets API endpoints, you may first need to remove references to it from your environment. Refer to Preconditions to delete an ESV.

Authenticate to ESV API endpoints

To authenticate to ESV API endpoints, use an access token.

In addition to the default fr:idm:* OAuth scope, there are several additional OAuth scopes that can be used with the ESV API endpoints when you create an access token:

Scope Description


Read, create, update, delete, and restart access to ESV API endpoints.


Read access to ESV API endpoints.


Create, update, and delete access to ESV API endpoints.


Restart access to ESV API endpoints.

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