Identity Cloud

Manage tenant configuration

Identity Cloud provides the following ways to let you manage the static configuration shared by your tenant environments:

Configuration item Description

Environment secrets and variables (ESVs)

Use environment secrets and variables (ESVs) to:

  • Create secrets to set values that need encrypting. The values may or may not need to be different for each tenant environment.

    For example, an MFA push notification node might need an authorization password to use an external SMS service.

  • Create variables to set values that need to be different for each tenant environment.

    For example, an authentication node might need one URL in your development environment, but a different URL in your production environment.

Configure placeholders

Create placeholders to use the value of the variable you set instead of using a static value. Use placeholders in conjunction with Environment secrets and variables (ESVs).

Promote your own configuration

Promote configurations between sequential environments (Development > Staging or Staging > Production) using self-service without the need for a support ticket.

Support-assisted promotions

Move configurations securely through your environments (development, staging, production) by creating a support ticket.

ForgeRock is replacing support-assisted promotions with self-service promotions. For more information, refer to Self-service promotions migration FAQ and Introduction to self-service promotions.
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