Identity Cloud

ForgeRock SDKs

For an overview of all UI integration options, refer to End-user UX options for authentication journeys and account management.

The ForgeRock SDKs let you rapidly build applications against the ForgeRock REST APIs.

Leverage ForgeRock’s identity best practices for token exchange, security, and the optimal OAuth 2.0 flow.

ForgeRock SDKs are highly customizable and require a high level of technical skill; therefore, the SDK documentation is hosted separate from Identity Cloud documentation.

Integrate ForgeRock SDKs with any of the following:

Upload provided files to integrate with Android or iOS apps

Associating a website(s) to your application is crucial when implementing ForgeRock SDKs with Android or iOS applications. This allows you to share credentials or provide redirects within an application. Within the context of ForgeRock SDKs, it is important to associate the SDKs with Android or iOS applications.

Google and Apple both provide ways assist in this process:

  • Android assetlinks.json - Establish trust between the application and a website(s) by automatically opening links for that domain.

  • iOS apple-app-site-association - Associate a website(s) with your application by having the associated domain file on your website and the appropriate entitlement in your application.

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