Identity Cloud

Release notes

ForgeRock continuously provides GA releases to Identity Cloud to introduce new features, fix known issues, and address security issues.

These GA releases are delivered through release channels:

Code freezes

There will be code freezes on the regular release channel for the following dates:

  • Tuesday, November 21, 2023–Wednesday, November 29, 2023

  • Thursday, December 14, 2023–Monday, January 8, 2024

During a code freeze, ForgeRock only makes critical updates.

Release channels

Rapid channel

If you have a sandbox environment, a continuous stream of the newest features and fixes are deployed there, as soon as they are ready for GA release. This lets you test and evaluate GA releases to make sure they are compatible with your Identity Cloud implementation. It also lets ForgeRock qualify and establish GA releases through cumulative usage and soak testing, typically over a two-week period. When a GA release has been established, it is allocated to the regular channel and deployed into your development, staging, and production environments.

For early access to documentation about features in the rapid channel, refer to Rapid channel features.

Regular channel (default)

Only established GA releases are deployed to your development, staging, and production environments. Typically, two weeks' worth of GA releases in the rapid channel are rolled up into one release to the regular channel, 2–4 weeks later[1].


In general, ForgeRock applies critical hotfixes to both the rapid and regular channels.

On occasion, ForgeRock may apply hotfixes, as necessary, to the rapid channel only. These hotfixes will be released to the regular channel at a later time.

Further information

  • Learn more about release lifecycles.

  • Subscribe to release notifications:

    1. Go to Backstage notification settings.

    2. Scroll down to Documentation Digests.

    3. Check the Identity Cloud Rapid Channel Changelog checkbox.

    4. Check the Identity Cloud Regular Channel Changelog checkbox.

  • Find support or submit an issue:

    1. Go to Backstage support tickets.

    2. Click New Ticket.

    3. Choose How Do I…​?.


1. Exact release schedules depend on multiple factors, and are subject to change. To keep up to date, subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe to email notifications.
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