Identity Cloud

Add-on capabilities

Add-on capabilities are features or integrated products that enhance Identity Cloud, but are not part of the standard offering. They can each be added to your tenant environments for an additional subscription; contact your ForgeRock representative to arrange this.

The following wording identifies add-on capabilities in the Identity Cloud documentation:

Identity Cloud add-on capability

Contact your ForgeRock representative if you are interested in adding this feature to your Identity Cloud subscription.

Current add-on capabilities

Capability Summary

Sandbox tenant environment

Standalone environment that lets you experiment with new configuration or test new use cases without affecting other environments.

UAT tenant environment

Additional environment that you can choose to add into your standard promotion group of development, staging, and production tenant environments. It has the same capabilities as your staging environment, allowing you to test your development changes in a production-like environment.

ForgeRock Autonomous Access

Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify unusual behavior patterns. It automatically makes access decisions, blocking threats while enhancing the experience of legitimate end users.

ForgeRock Identity Governance

Lets you centrally administer and manage user access to applications and data across your organization to support regulatory compliance.

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