ForgeRock Developer Experience

Recover after replacing a lost device

If you register a device with AM and then lose it, you must authenticate to AM using a recovery code. After deleting the lost device, you can register a new device.

  1. Access the list of recovery codes you saved when registering the lost device.

    If you did not save the recovery codes when you registered the device, contact your administrator to remove the device from your user profile instead of following these steps.

  2. Begin to sign in as you normally would.

    When prompted to use a multi-factor option, click the Use Recovery Code link.

  3. Enter the recovery code when prompted.

    Because recovery codes are valid for a single use only, remove the code you used from your list.

    AM lets you sign in to access your profile page.

  4. Under Dashboard > Authentication Devices, click the context menu button for the lost device, and click Delete.

  5. Register your new device by signing out, then accessing the protected resource that requires MFA.

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