ForgeRock Developer Experience

Implement your use cases with the ForgeRock Authenticator

Find out how to achieve some common use case scenarios using the ForgeRock Authenticator.

Mobile ForgeRock Authenticator

In this use case, you authenticate a user with MFA by setting up the ForgeRock Authenticator for push notification.

To receive push notifications when authenticating, end users must register an Android or iOS device running the ForgeRock Authenticator.

Mobile Password Locked

In this use case you configure your ForgeRock server to require a single-use, one-time password generated by the ForgeRock Authenticator when users authenticate.

The ForgeRock Authenticator supports time-based and HMAC-based one-time passwords.

Compliance Report

You can distribute the ForgeRock Authenticator to your users so that they can participate in multi-factor authentication journeys.

To help ensure the security of the app—​and therefore your system—​you can apply Authenticator app policies.

Develop your own use case solutions

As a ForgeRock customer, you can use the ForgeRock Authenticator module to integrate the functionality of the ForgeRock Authenticator into your own Android and iOS apps.

For more information, refer to ForgeRock Authenticator module.

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