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Step 3. Import the widget

To use the ForgeRock Login Widget, import the modules you want to use into your app:

// Import the ForgeRock Login Widget
import Widget, { configuration } from '@forgerock/login-widget';

The exact syntax for importing the widget depends on the module system you are using.

The ForgeRock Login Widget exports a number of different modules, each providing different functionality.

ForgeRock Login Widget modules
Module Description API reference


Use this main class to instantiate the ForgeRock Login Widget, mount it into the DOM, and set up event listeners.

Widget API reference


Use this module to configure the ForgeRock Login Widget. You can configure the settings it needs to contact the authorization server, styles, layout, and override content.

Configuration API reference


Use this module to configure and start an authentication journey.

Journey API reference


Use this module to subscribe to events triggered by the ForgeRock Login Widget and for controlling the modal form factor.

Component API reference


Use this module for managing users in the ForgeRock Login Widget, such as obtaining user or token information, and logging users out.

User API reference


Next, you can Step 4. Configure the SDK.

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