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Log in with OATH one-time passwords

The ForgeRock Login Widget provides UI elements for the OATH Token Verifier node but not currently the OATH Registration.

If your users have registered the ForgeRock Authenticator for one-time passwords using a browser, for example, then an app using the ForgeRock Login Widget will be able to accept the one-time password from the authenticator app.

The ForgeRock Login Widget requires that the OATH Token Verifier node is contained within a Page node configured with a specific Stage property.

In the containing Page Node, set the Stage property to OneTimePassword:

law oath journey with stage en
Figure 1. OATH journey example

The ForgeRock Login Widget detects that stage value as a special case and renders the appropriate UI:

law oath ui with stage en
Figure 2. Rendering with the OneTimePassword stage property

If you do not put the OATH Token Verifier node within a Page node, the ForgeRock Login Widget will not render the UI correctly:

law oath ui en
Figure 3. Rendering a lone OATH Token Verifier node
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