ForgeRock Developer Experience

JavaScript tutorial

Before you begin

To complete this tutorial successfully, you should perform the following prerequisite tasks.

Prepare Node and NPM

The SDK requires a minimum Node.js version of 18, and is tested on versions 18 and 20.

To get a supported version of Node.js, refer to the Node.js download page.

You will need npm to build the code and run the samples.

Configure your server

Make sure you properly set up your server configuration. For more information, see:

Tutorial steps

Step 1. Download the samples

Download the ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript from the Git repository to your local machine.

Step 2. Install the dependencies

Install the required modules and build the ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript packages, or use a CDN.

Step 3. Configure the embedded login sample app

Configure a sample app provided in the ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript to connect to your ForgeRock instance.

Step 4. Run the embedded login sample app

Run and test the sample application to ensure it is configured correctly and authenticates users.

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