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Embedded login

With this option, each app has to have its own login User Interface (UI).

When a user attempts to log in to your application or site, they authenticate directly within the currently used application instead of being directed to a centralized web application to authenticate the user.

You can seamlessly integrate authentication journeys into your app, giving you complete control over the end user experience.

android embedded
Figure 1. Embedded login in Android

Use cases

  • If branding and controlling the user experience (UX) is important, using an embedded UI may be a good choice.

  • Control and flexibility of the UI and UX is more important to you than consistency, since each app implements its own authentication UI.

  • Your mobile apps do not use browser-based single-sign on.

For instructions on enabling embedded login, follow the JavaScript tutorials.

Security considerations

  • If a third-party hosts or controls your application or site, a third-party can access and misuse the user credentials.

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