ForgeRock Developer Experience

Implement your use cases with the ForgeRock Login Widget

Find out how to achieve some common use case scenarios using the ForgeRock Login Widget.

Suspend journeys with "magic links"

You can use the Email Suspend Node within your journeys to support a number of flows, including verifying a user’s email address, building a "forgot password" flow, or using an email address for multifactor authentication.

Log in with social authentication

Social authentication provides your users with a choice of ways to sign in that suits them.

Select from supported social providers in a journey to initiate an OAuth 2.0 flow to authenticate with the social provider, before returning to the original journey.

Log in with OATH one-time passwords

If your users have registered the ForgeRock Authenticator for one-time passwords using a browser for example, then an app using the ForgeRock Login Widget will be able to accept the one-time password from the authenticator app.

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