ForgeRock Developer Experience

Self-managed server

Follow the steps in this section to configure your self-managed ForgeRockĀ® Access Management (AM) server for use with the ForgeRock SDKs.

Prepare AM for HTTPS

Set up AM for HTTPS using secure certificates.

Configure CORS

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) lets user agents make cross-domain server requests.

Configure CORS in AM to allow browsers from trusted domains to access your AM-protected resources.

Create a demo user

Create an identity in your system so that you can test authentication flows using the SDKs.

Create an authentication tree

Authentication trees provide fine-grained authentication by allowing multiple paths and decision points throughout the flow.

Create a simple tree for use when testing the ForgeRock SDKs.

Register client applications

Register an OAuth 2.0 client application to allow the SDKs to connect to AM and obtain OAuth 2.0 tokens.

Configure the OAuth 2.0 provider

Configure the AM OAuth 2.0 provider service for use with the ForgeRock SDKs.

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