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SDK for JavaScript changelog

JavaScript SDK 4.2.0

September 11, 2023 minor


  • Added a logLevel configuration property to specify the level of logging the SDK performs.

    For more information, refer to About the default JavaScript SDK logger.

  • Added a customLogger configuration property to specify a replacement for the native console.log that the SDK uses by default.

    For example, you could write a replacement that captures SDK log output to services such as Relic or Rocket.

    For more information, refer to Customize the JavaScript SDK logger .

JavaScript SDK 4.1.2

July 20, 2023 patch


  • Added support in preparation for upcoming ForgeRock Token Vault.


  • Fixed an issue with the getTokens() method failing if no parameters are provided and you perform certain down-leveling of code in the build process.

JavaScript SDK 4.1.1

June 29, 2023 minor


  • Added support in the HTTPClient for receiving transactional authorization advice in JSON format.


  • Improved types when using strict mode with TypeScript.

JavaScript SDK 4.0.0

May 23, 2023 major



  • Updated ESModule (ESM) bundle.

  • Updated tags in the GitHub repo to be prefixed with the package name. For example, javascript-sdk-${tag}.

  • Inserted a prompt=none parameter into OAuth 2.0 calls to the /authorize endpoint to prevent console error about frames.

Incompatible changes

  • No longer provides Universal Module Definition (UMD) support

  • Updated Policy types

  • Removed duplicate modules

For more information, refer to Incompatible changes.


  • JavaScript support configuration property deprecated.

For more information, refer to Deprecations.

JavaScript SDK 3.4.0

October 10, 2022 minor


  • Fixed HTTP headers by capitalizing all header names

  • Added support for TextInput callback

  • Updated device profile collection code:

    • Added optional chaining to protect object checks in both browser and node environments

    • Changed usage of window.crypto to globalThis.crypto to improve compatibility

JavaScript SDK 3.3.0

April 25, 2022 minor


  • Added Angular sample app.

  • Added token threshold feature.

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