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SDK for iOS changelog

iOS SDK 3.4.1

November 15, 2022 minor


  • Updated legacy encryption algorithm used for generation of cryptographic keys stored in Secure Enclave [SDKS-1994]

  • Fixed an issue related to push notifications timeout [SDKS-2164]

  • Fixed an unexpected error occurring during the decoding of some push notifications [SDKS-2199]

iOS SDK 3.4.0

September 22, 2022 minor


  • Dynamic SDK Configuration [SDKS-1760]

  • iOS 16 Support [SDKS-1932]


  • Fixed build errors on Xcode 14 [SDKS-2073]

  • Fixed bug where the state parameter value was not verified upon calling the Authorize endpoint [SDKS-2077]

iOS SDK 3.3.2

June 20, 2022 minor


  • Interface for log management [SDKS-1863]


  • Fixed memory leak in the NetworkCollector class [SDKS-1931]

iOS SDK 3.3.1

June 08, 2022 minor


  • Add PushType.biometric support and BiometricAuthentication class for biometric authentication. Updated sample app to handle new Push types [SDKS-1865]


  • Fixed the bug when refreshing the access token we return the old token [SDKS-1824]

  • Fixed bug when multiple threads are trying to access the same resource in the deviceCollector and ProfileCollector [SDKS-1912]

iOS SDK 3.3.0

May 19, 2022 minor


  • SSL pinning support [SDKS-1627]

  • Obtain timestamp from new push notification payload [SDKS-1665]

  • Add new payload attributes in the push notification [SDKS-1775]

  • Apple Sign In enhancements to get user profile info [SDKS-1632]


  • Remove "Accept: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" header from /authorize endpoint for GET requests [SDKS-1729]

  • Remove iPlanetDirectoryPro (or session cookie name) from the query parameter, and inject it into the header instead [SDKS-1708]

  • Fix issue when expired push notification displayed as "Approved" in the notification history list [SDKS-1491]

  • Fix issues with registering TOTP accounts with invalid period [SDKS-1405]

iOS SDK 3.2.0

January 27, 2022 minor


  • Updated GoogleSignIn library to the latest version 6.1.0.

  • FRGoogleSignIn is now available through SPM.

iOS SDK 3.1.1

November 17, 2021 minor


  • Added custom implementation for HTTPCookie for iOS 11+ devices, to support NSSecureCoding for storing cookies.

  • Changed all instances of Archiving/Unarchiving to use NSSecureCoding.

  • SecuredKey initializer now supports passing a Keychain accessibility flag.

  • SecuredKey now has the same default Keychain accessibility flag as the KeychainService ".afterFirstUnlock".

iOS SDK 3.1.0

September 25, 2021 minor


  • Fixed an issue where the MetadataCallback was overriding the stage property of a node.

  • Fixed an issue which was affecting the centralized login feature.

  • Various bug fixes and enhancements for the Authenticator SDK.

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