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The functionality listed here is deprecated, and likely to be removed in a future release.

Deprecated since ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript 4.0

JavaScript support configuration property

The support configuration property has been removed in ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript 4.0.

This property could be used to change the way the SDK would make requests to the /authorize endpoint in OAuth 2.0 flows.

If you configured the SDK to use the modern option, you might notice that your app uses the default iframe method to call the /authorize endpoint if you upgrade to this version of the SDK. This technical difference will not negatively impact your app’s user-experience or require any code changes.

If you were using the legacy option or not providing a value for the support property at all, you will likely obtain improvements in latency and a reduction of errors in the logs when upgrading to ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript 4.0.

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