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Prepare the server

The following example journey covers the "usernameless" authentication case. This is a simple prototype flow that does not cover all edge cases that might be present in a production environment. If WebAuthn authentication is not possible for any reason, the flow falls back to a normal login journey.

To access this configuration, you need to log in to the ForgeRock Platform as an administrator, and create a new journey.

  1. In the editor drag the following nodes into the journey:

    • WebAuthn Registration node

    • WebAuthn Authentication node

    • Inner Tree Evaluator node

    • Two Choice Collector nodes

  2. Connect the nodes similar to the following example:

    Creating a biometrics journee
  3. Configure the nodes:

    • In both the WebAuthn Registration and WebAuthn Authentication nodes, the Return challenge as JavaScript option must be disabled.

    • In the WebAuthn Registration node, Authentication attachment must be either UNSPECIFIED or PLATFORM.

    • In the WebAuthn Registration node, enable the Username to device option.

    • In the WebAuthn Authentication node, enable the Username from device option.

    • Use Choice Collector nodes to handle the user input in case of registration failure, and to give users the option to enable biometrics for this journey.

    • Set the Relying party identifier to the domain of your AM instance.

      For example:

If you want your users to provide a username, deactivate the Username from/to device options, and add a Username Collector node before the WebAuthn Registration node and WebAuthn Authentication node.

The WebAuthn Registration and WebAuthn Authentication nodes might result in a Client Error. Client errors can happen for a number of reasons.

In order to parse the error and act upon it, make use of a Scripted Decision node to access the shared state within the journey, and read the WebAuthenticationDOMException thrown.

For more information regarding the use of the Scripted Decision node, see Scripted Decision Node API Functionality in the AM documentation.

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