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Step 10. Test authentication

  1. Run the application.

  2. Click the Login button and enter the credentials of an existing AM user.

    If you set up your server settings properly, you should have one user, demo, with password Ch4ng3it!. Enter these details, and click Next.

    The SDK submits the node information to the server. In the application output, notice the following:

    • The request redirects to the redirectURI. The SDK validates that information against the redirectURI from the configuration file, and intercepts the authorization code.

    • The SDK then invokes the accessToken endpoint with the authorization code, and sends the required information to the server.

    • The server returns an access token, scopes, and an ID token.

    • To log out, use FRUser.currentUser?.logout().

You have now created an app that can successfully authenticate using your own UI components.

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