AM 7.3.1

CAPTCHA support

CAPTCHA is a way to challenge a user to verify that they are human, and includes a number of different services. Choose the CAPTCHA service that best suits your requirements. The default configuration in the CAPTCHA node is for Google’s reCAPTCHA service. You must provide a CAPTCHA Site Key and CAPTCHA Secret Key to use the node.

Test the CAPTCHA node

ForgeRock provides a Postman collection to configure AM to test the CAPTCHA node. The Postman collection contains the queries to demonstrate the CAPTCHA node with reCAPTCHA V2, V3 and with hCaptcha. Before you start, set up a reCAPTCHA V2 and V3 site, and an hCaptcha site, and copy their site and secret keys.

  1. Download and install Postman.

  2. Download the ForgeRock CAPTCHA Collection.

  3. Import the collection into Postman:

    • Select File > Import …​ > Upload Files.

    • Select the CAPTCHA collection, and click Open, then click Import.

  4. Change the collection variables to suit your environment:

    • On the Collections tab, select the ForgeRock CAPTCHA Collection.

    • Click on the Variables tab, and set the value of at least the following variables:

      • URL_base

      • admin_password

      • demo_username

      • demo_password

    • Click Update to save your changes.

      You are ready to run the collection.

  5. After creating the authentication trees, visit the following URLs in your browser to demonstrate the login flow for each CAPTCHA type:

    • URL_base/XUI/?realm=sub_realm&service=recaptchav3

    • URL_base/XUI/?realm=sub_realm&service=recaptchav2

    • URL_base/XUI/?realm=sub_realm&service=hcaptcha

    Use the demo_username and demo_password to log in.

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