AM 7.3.1

Set maximum file descriptors and processes

AM is not file-descriptor intensive. However, each DS instance in your environment should have access to at least 65,536 file descriptors to handle multiple client connections.

Ensure that every DS instance is allocated enough file descriptors. For example, use the ulimit -n command to check the limits for a particular user:

$ su - opendj
$ ulimit -n

It may also be necessary to increase the number of processes available to the user running the AM processes.

For example, use the ulimit -u command to check the process limits for a user:

$ su - openam
$ ulimit -u

Before increasing the file descriptors for the DS instance, ensure that the total amount of file descriptors configured for the operating system is higher than 65,536.

Otherwise, if the DS instance uses all the file descriptors, the operating system will run out of file descriptors. This may prevent other services from working, including those required for logging in the system.

Refer to your operating system’s documentation for instructions on how to display and increase the file descriptors or process limits for the operating system and for a given user.

For more information about setting up your environment for DS, see Operating Systems in the DS Release Notes.

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