AM 7.3.1

IBM WebSphere Liberty

To deploy AM in IBM WebSphere Liberty, perform the following steps:

  1. Update the JVM options as described in Prepare the Java environment.

  2. Customize the AM-7.3.1.war file as described in Prepare AM for WebSphere.

  3. After deploying AM, configure WebSphere as described in Prepare WebSphere.

Prepare AM for WebSphere

To prepare AM to run in WebSphere, change the AM .war file to ensure that the AM upgrade process is able to find the AM configuration files. You must make this change whenever you deploy a new .war file as part of an AM upgrade.

If you are installing on Windows, use slashes (/) in the paths listed here, and not backslashes (\).
  1. Create a temporary directory and expand the AM-7.3.1.war file. For example:

    $ cd /tmp
    $ mkdir /tmp/openam && cd /tmp/openam
    $ jar xvf ~/Downloads/AM-7.3.1.war
  2. Locate the file in the WEB-INF/classes directory of the expanded war file.

    Update the # configuration.dir= line in the file to specify a path with read and write permissions. For example:

    # This property should also be used when the system user that
    # is running the web/application server process does not have
    # a home directory. i.e. System.getProperty("user.home") returns
    # null.
  3. Rebuild the AM-7.3.1.war file:

    $ jar cvf ../AM-7.3.1.war *

Prepare WebSphere

In addition to preparing the AM WAR file, follow these steps to configure WebSphere for AM after you deploy AM into WebSphere:

  1. Load classes from AM bundled libraries before loading classes from libraries delivered with Liberty:

    • In the WebSphere Liberty administration console, go to Explore > Configure > server.xml.

    • Select the openam web application, click Add Child, and select Classloader from the list.

    • In the Delegation field, select parentLast.

    • Save your work.

  2. If your environment uses SOAP, add the SOAP-related properties to the JVM.

    In the AM-config-dir, create a file named jvm.options, and add the following properties:

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