AM 7.3.1


AM-specific endpoint used to create, delete, and query UMA user and star labels.

Supported HTTP methods
Action HTTP method







Use the AM API Explorer for detailed information about this endpoint, and to test it against your deployed AM instance.

In the AM admin UI, click the Help icon, and go to API Explorer > users > {user} > oauth2 > resources > labels.

You must compose the path to the token endpoint addressing the specific realm where the token will be issued. For example,{user}/oauth2/resources/labels.

The labels endpoint does not support any parameters. To authenticate to the endpoint, send the SSO token of the resource owner as the value of the iplanetDirectoryPro header.

To create a label, send an HTTP POST request to the endpoint, adding the description of the label as a JSON object in the body. For example:

  "name" : "My Favorites",
  "type" : "STAR",
  "resourceSetIDs": [

The value of the type object can be USER, for user labels, and STAR, for star labels. For more information about the label types, see UMA labels.

The resourceSetIDs object is an array of UMA resource IDs that the label applies to. It is not mandatory; if you do not add it, the label will be created without any resource associated. You will need to update the resource to add it to the label, because the labels endpoint does not support updating labels.

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