AM 7.3.1

Troubleshoot installations

AM can capture information in debug log files that are useful when troubleshooting AM problems. Debug logging describes how to enable debug logging after AM has been started.

It is also possible to capture debug logs while installing AM. This can be useful if you need to troubleshoot an installation problem.

Follow these steps to capture debug logs while installing AM on Tomcat:

  1. If Tomcat is already started, stop it.

  2. Specify the option in the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable:

    $ export

    There are several ways that you can specify the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable. You can set the variable:

    • In the /path/to/tomcat/bin/ file

    • In the login shell of the user who runs Tomcat

  3. Run the AM installation. Debug log files containing troubleshooting information appear in the /path/to/openam/var/debug directory.

  4. When you have completed AM installation and no longer need to capture debug logs, stop Tomcat, revert the debug logging options, and restart Tomcat.

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