Default Attribute Values in a Mapping

You can use a mapping to create attributes on the target resource. The following mapping excerpt creates a phoneExtension attribute with a default value of 0047 on the target object:

    "target": "phoneExtension",
    "default": "0047"

The default property specifies a value to assign to the attribute on the target object. Before Identity Cloud determines the value of the target attribute, it evaluates any applicable conditions, followed by any transformation scripts. If the source property and the transform script yield a null value, Identity Cloud applies the default value in the create and update actions. The default value overrides the target value, if one exists.

Configure Default Attribute Values Using the Admin UI

  1. Select Configure > Mappings, and click on the Mapping you want to edit.

  2. Click on the Target Property that you want to create (phoneExtension in the previous example), select the Default Values tab, and enter a default value for that property mapping.