Identity Cloud

Reuse links between mappings

When two mappings synchronize the same objects bidirectionally, use the links property in one mapping to have Identity Cloud use the same link for both mappings. If you do not specify a links property, Identity Cloud maintains a separate link for each mapping.

The following excerpt shows two mappings, one from MyLDAP accounts to managed users, and another from managed users to MyLDAP accounts. In the second mapping, the link property indicates that Identity Cloud should reuse the links created in the first mapping, rather than create new links:

    "mappings": [
            "name": "systemMyLDAPAccounts_managedUser",
            "source": "system/MyLDAP/account",
            "target": "managed/realm-name_user"
            "name": "managedUser_systemMyLDAPAccounts",
            "source": "managed/realm-name_user",
            "target": "system/MyLDAP/account",
            "links": "systemMyLDAPAccounts_managedUser"
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