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Legacy releases

ForgeRock SDK 3.0

May 24, 2021 major


Breaking changes

Code that has been deprecated in one of the earlier 2.x releases has been removed from the SDK in 3.0.

Android SDK:

  • Removed Config.getInstance(Context).

  • Removed FRAuth Builder.

  • Removed FRUserViewModel.


  • Removed public var value from SingleValueCallback.

  • Removed FRURLProtocolResponseEvaluationCallback.

  • Removed FRURLProtocol.validatedURLs.

  • Removed the deprecated (public func next) method.

JavaScript SDK:

  • WebAuthn’s thrown error message text has been changed to align with the specification.

  • Renamed getAuthorizeUrl method to getAuthCodeByIframe.

  • Removed the single parameter from createVerifier function.

  • Removed nonce function.

Known limitations

  • Cross-platform (Android, iOS and JavaScript) support for social login requires Identity Cloud, or AM 7.1 or later.

  • The SDK’s officially supported identity providers for social login are Apple, Facebook, and Google.

  • Mobile biometric authentication for both the Android and iOS SDKs requires Identity Cloud, or AM 7.1 or later.

Documentation updates

ForgeRock SDK 2.2

December 18, 2020 minor


Documentation updates

ForgeRock SDK 2.1

August 21, 2020 minor


  • Support for AM 7.

  • Support for self-registration and self-service trees. To determine the level of support, see Supported Callbacks.

    Authentication and registration using social identity providers is not supported in this release.
  • Support for web authentication (WebAuthn).

  • Support for suspended authentication.

  • Added processing for new callbacks:

    • NumberAttributeInputCallback

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • SuspendedTextOutputCallback

  • Support for obtaining the "Page Header" and "Page Description" values from a Page node.

Documentation updates

Known issues

No known issues at this time.

ForgeRock SDK 2.0

June 30, 2020 major


Documentation updates


December 10, 2019 preview


For a complete list of features, see What’s New.


October 21, 2019 beta


For a complete list of features, see What’s New.

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