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About reports

Advanced Identity Cloud provides a reporting infrastructure to help you gain better insights into your IAM activities, The reports cover a wide range of services including application access, IDM syncs, journeys, user statistics, and others to assist in making critical business decisions and monitor compliance policies.

Report administrators can use the Advanced Identity Cloud Reports page to view template drafts, previous report runs and generate new reports. You can also export the reports as a CSV or JSON file for further analysis.

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  • 1 On the Advanced Identity Cloud admin UI, click Reports to access Advanced Identity Cloud reports. All Advanced Identity Cloud customers (new or existing) get access to the out-of-the-box reports.

  • 2 Enter a report name, case insensitive, to search for a report.

  • 3 Click Run on any report to generate a reporting run.

  • 4 Click ellipsis (), and then click Run History to view the report, export the file, and view information about past reporting runs.

Important aspects of reports
  • There are 15 out-of-the-box reports available to your company. Two additional reports are available for those who have the Identity Governance[1] service.

  • Each report has two states:

    • Draft — A staging state to validate a report before publishing. For a report to be live, you must publish it.

    • Published — The report is read-only and live.

  • You can create reports using the following:

    • Reports UI — An intuitive Advanced Identity Cloud UI.

    • REST APIs

  • Reports can be exported in JSON or CSV format.

  • End users must be assigned to one of three roles to access and run the reports:

1. Identity Governance is an add-on capability to Advanced Identity Cloud. Contact your Ping Identity representative if you want to add PingOne® Identity Governance to your Advanced Identity Cloud subscription.
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