Identity Cloud

Setting up the iProov tenant

To use your iProov verification in your Identity Cloud authentication journey, you need an active iProov tenant instance. You must create a service provider in your iProov tenant instance. Contact your iProov sales representative for more information.

To create a service provider in your iProov tenant instance:

  1. Log into your iProov tenant instance.

  2. Go to Service provider > Create new service provider.

    1. Enter a name and select a suitable Service Location.

    2. Select the Production, Development, or Testing environment in which you want to use the service provider.

    3. Then click Create.

  3. Note of the following provider details:

    1. Service Location

    2. API Key.

    3. Primary API Secret.

    4. OAuth Username.

    5. Primary OAuth Password.

  4. Contact your iProv representative to ensure that Liveness, GPA, and On Validate Return Frame are enabled.

  • The Validate Return Frame enables the REST API to retrun the photo. The returned photo is an output to the shared node state by the iProov Authentication node.

  • Liveness and GPA need to be enabled to choose the Assurance Type.

  • Contact your iProov Representative to enable these parameters.

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